Jewelry Care

Because handmade jewelry is so delicate, caring for it requires special measures. Keep your handcrafted jewelry clean and beautiful for years to come by following these simple steps for cleaning and storing unique jewelry.

Try not to wear your jewelry while swimming, sunbathing or cleaning; extensive exposure to saltwater, sunlight or harsh chemicals can permanently damage your handmade jewelry. 

When you're not wearing or cleaning your handmade jewelry, keep it safe from loss as well as tarnish and age in your jewelry box


Lightly clean it using mild dish soap, water and a soft toothbrush. Be sure to dry it thoroughly when done with a soft cloth. You may also like to let it air dry for a time before putting it away. Polish with a jewelry polishing cloth to give it a even better buffing.


Gold Vermeil is overlay of 14K gold over a sterling silver base. Gold vermeil jewelry can last for years with proper care. Jewelry should be removed before spraying perfume, washing hands, using lotions, bathing, or going into a pool or hot tub. Chlorine can permanently damage or discolor your gold vermeil jewelry. Store your jewelry in an airtight container, in a dry location. To clean, buff very gently with a soft cotton cloth. NEVER use chemical cleaners or abrasives to clean gold vermeil as it can strip the gold finish.

Freshwater pearls are soft and can be easily scratched. They can also be damaged by extreme dryness, but never immerse them completely in water. An occasional cleaning with a moist, soft cloth is best.

Be sure to avoid chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics.

Do not use a silver polishing cloth on pearls.



Because handmade jewelry are delicate and need to be worn and handled with care. In the event that your jewelry does break, I'm more than happy to fix it for you. Repairs are free of charge within the first 30 days of purchase, and a fee will apply thereafter. Buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back to me, and for return shipping cost. Please message me and I will be happy to work with you!