About Us

My name is Mai, owner and designer of Maimoda Jewelry. A business based in sunny Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu, where I live with my husband Andrew and our teenage son Elias.

Maimoda Jewelry started out as a hobby, as so many worthwhile endeavors do. I’ve always been draw to beautiful things, so designing and making jewelry naturally became a passion of mine when I began to delve into the art of jewelry-making as a way to keep myself busy while hubby was deployed in the military. After long days at work, with my son asleep beside me in bed, I would unwind by listening to music and making jewelry. It was a soothing sort of therapy that really got me through a somewhat lonely period in my life.

I loved making jewelry, but I never thought it would amount to more than something to keep my occupied and provide myself and friends with some extra things to wear on girls’ nights out. Then in 2010 a kidney disease called IgA nephrophathy caused both my kidneys to fail. I was forced to quit my job to start frequent dialysis. With more time on my hands, I threw myself even more into my hobby.

Around this time, friends who knew I needed a distraction began to request custom jewelry pieces, to match various outfits or for certain events. Some of them even offered to pay me. Eventually, a girlfriend of mine suggested that I turn my hobby into a business. My husband, who by this time had retired from the military, also encouraged me to pursue the idea. And that was how Maimoda Jewelry was born.

I use only recycled precious metals for my projects, and enjoy working with various types of materials: gemstones, pearls, seashells, coral, and other organic materials. I’ve found that each piece has its own beauty, it’s own unique story to tell.

My own story has turned out well. I recently received a kidney transplant and am on the mend. I thank God every day for my second chance at life. In March of 2014 I partnered up with Eden in Love Boutique on a charity project called Gifts That Give to raise funds for the Kidney Foundation. Gifts That Give was and still is a big success—we received tremendous support from our local shoppers here in Hawaii. As my next project, I would like to raise awareness for the National Kidney Foundation on my Etsy shop as well.


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Maimoda Jewelry is also available at locations in Hawaii such as:

- Fighting Eel Boutiques (Waikiki & Kailua)

- Eden In Love Boutique (Ward Village & Las Vegas)

- Angel By The Sea Boutiques (( Sheraton Princess Kaiulani & Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa)

Misfortune Hawaii ( Ward Village )

- Moana Hawaii Boutique ( Ward Village)

- Acacia Jewelry (Ewa Beach)

- Hanahou Boutique (Hilo)

- Olivia Clare Boutiques (Hawi, Hawaii)

- Flo.w & Company ( Honokaa, Hawaii)


- Hawaiian Moon (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) - website: hawaii-moon-mahealani.com


- Zen Island boutiques ( Santa Cruz / Capitola)


- Slate Boutique


- The Artisan Center


- Lauren & Riley


- Shop Love Locked 


- Compass Rose Boutique 


- Kenzington Alley Boutique ( West Virginia)

- Lola Boutique ( Virginia Beach)



Mai Lazarus